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Oncotame Herbal Formulation

Oncotame is a unique herbal formulation that fights cancer at every step, i.e. genesis of cancer, growth of cancer and spread of cancer (metastases), without side effects. Oncotame herbal formulation contains active principles isolated from various anticancer herbs having antimutagenic, immunomodulatory, antitumourangiogenesis, chemoprotective and radioprotective properties. Oncotame executes its therapeutic effect by complex synergistic interaction among various active principles of these precious herbs. Oncotame herbal formulation is an excellent remedy for those cancer patients who have become resistant to chemotherapy and for those who are not fit for surgery, chemotherapy & radiotherapy due to old age or marked weakness. Oncotame herbal formulation tames aggressive cancer cells by inhibiting mutations in the genes, repairing chromosomal abnormalities and stimulating DNA-repair mechanism. Oncotame arrests cancer cell proliferation by blocking cancer promoting enzymes and hormones. Oncotame inhibits tumourangiogenesis and induces apoptosis. Oncotame herbal formulation prevents metastases and seeding of cancer by reducing adhesive capacity of cancer cells to the endothelial lining of lymphatic and blood vessels. Oncotame inhibits growth & spread of various metastatic and recurrent Carcinomas, Sarcomas, Lymphomas, Leukaemias, Gliomas including hepato cellular carcinoma, liver metastases, lung metastases, bone metastases, brain metastases, malignant ascites, malignant pleural effusion and glioblastoma multiforme. Oncotame is effective in hormone sensitive as well as hormone refractory and chemotherapy resistant cancers. Oncotame herbal formulation also boosts immune system of the body against cancer by enhancing the activity of immune cells and promoting production of cytokines (including interleukins, interferons, tumour necrosis factors & colony stimulating factors) that help to fight cancer more effectively. Oncotame herbal formulation reduces toxic side effects of chemotherapy & radiotherapy including bone marrow suppression and many other life threatening complications. Oncotame herbal formulation helps to relieve pain, improve quality of life and prolong life-span in those patients who are suffering from terminal stages of cancer. Oncotame can be taken alone or along with chemotherapy, radiotherapy and hormone therapy, before or after the surgery. There are no dietary restrictions or special diet recommendation while taking Oncotame herbal formulation. Oncotame herbal formulation does not contain bhasmas, heavy metals or corticosteroids.

Oncotame herbal formulation is dispensed in sealed bottles (containing 30 capsules each).

Dosage: 1 to 2 capsules with water, 2 to 3 times a day or as advised.